The Shammy Dee Experience

When Jimmy Choo needed a deejay for their Southern California flagship store, they requested him.

When Westfield needed a deejay to tour nationally with Stacy London, they requested him.

When Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Audi, Target, and Tesla need a deejay for special events, they request him.

Top Tier DJ, Shammy Dee has played for some of the biggest brands in the world, like Louis Vuitton and Disney. He‘s provided music for global celebrities like the Kardashians, Alicia Keys, and 50 Cent. He’s been trusted to play the weddings for New York Times’ bestseller authors, major actors, and professional athletes who rely on him to deliver for the most important night of their lives.

Some DJs can only spin. Some DJs can only work the mic. Shammy Dee excels at both. Shammy is defined by his ability to move any crowd and to do it with panache. This reputation can only be built on over 20 years of experience spinning for the radio, exclusive events, national tours and so much more. Switching effortlessly between house to hip hop, 80s to electro, salsa to samba, belly dancing to break-beats, Shammy Dee skillfully tailors his tracks to the energy of the room.

It is Shammy’s infectious, engaging energy that makes him one of a kind. His joyful presence behind the turntables and on the mic lifts the crowd and inspires them to have an extraordinary, unforgettable experience. This combination of musical intuition, versatility, and passion gets your guests cutting loose on the dance floor…and making memories they can't stop talking about.

Download Shammy Dee's one-sheet here.

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Shammy Dee rocking all kinds of events

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