At the request of my lady, who also suggested I listen to Duran Duran (and was surprised when I actually did!), today’s album comes from The Police.  Synchronicity is lauded as the band’s most popular, and most successful, release.  This album was also their last as a group.

(The Beatles have some hardcore fans, because their Wikipedia page about Sgt. Pepper contained a crazy amount of analysis and detail that I haven’t seen in other pages yet!)

D05- The Police - Synchronicity

That being said, on we go:

Synchronicity I – Very strong synth melodic line.  Feels like a very bold way to start an album.  Deep lyrics here!  I can’t fully vibe with it though…
Walking In Your Footsteps – I can hear the world music influence.  I like the minimalism of the track.  Interesting that the lyrics reference dinosaurs, but I see the point Sting is trying to make here.  I like the third verse where he sings higher.
O My God – I like how the bassline is a very strong melodic theme to the song.  The bassline changes throughout the song, but it’s a solid melodic idea.  I like the space of the music that allows Sting’s voice to come thorugh.  I notice the guitars that don’t really overpower the song, which is nice.  It is well mixed.  I finding I’m not too crazy about Sting’s writing so far.  I’m curious about the rest of the album.
Mother – Whoa.  This sh!t is crazy.  I don’t think that’s Sting singing…but those lyrics are something else!!  Andy Summers wrote it.  The music puts me off because there is no harmony.  It’s sound like a minor key, but it also sounds like it was influenced by world music as well.  It’s not something I can dance to, it’s more like a “let me get this shit off my chest” performance piece.  Very punkish.
Miss Gradenko – This album is so interesting to me.  I can’t exactly find my way into the music just yet.  At least not from the jump.  This song is an intriguing story to me about his relationship to Miss Gradenko.  I’m not used to hearing this kind of songwriting.  It stretches me a bit.  Musically, I’m noticing the space in their songs.  I like the melody of the guitar.  I do like how the hooks buildup.  It’s a great payoff.  I hope you end up safe, Miss Gradenko.
Synchronicity II – I’m realizing that I would never make or listen to an album like this, which is why I can’t get into it.  And this is also why I should listen to it more, to be able to feel it in a different way.  I like the song structure.  The songwriting is unique to me.  I don’t hear songs written like this.  I also don’t vibe with the content.  The structure is solid in regards to the idea of repetition.
Every Breath You Take – Their classic song.  I definitely know this one.  I have a better understanding of why it’s a hit.  Easy to understand and a strong, repetitive melody.  Changing chords.  Simple songwriting.  Easy to grasp concept.  Great to sing along to.  Reading the lyrics, I must say this song is somewhat stalker’ish (but I’m sure that has been said before).  The simplicity of the song is what has made it work so well.  And it’s a solid song.
King Of Pain – I’m understanding The Police’s sound on this album.  It’s been pretty consistent.  Guitars, strong melodies, and a lot of space for each instrument.  I like the chords on this one.  I could actually get into this song a bit more than the others (it was probably the chords).  Following along the lyrics, I can see the metaphor that Sting is making here.  I think I’m one step closer to understanding Sting’s style as a songwriter as well.
Wrapped Around Your Finger – I can hear what I’ve read is the classic Police sound with the reggae influence.  This song sounds like it could be in a musical!  I do like Sting’s vocal melodies.  Very strong melodic lines that are fitting for his voice.  I actually like this song.  There is some sexiness to these lyrics.
Tea In The Sahara – Oh, I like the beginning of this.  It grooves.  I like the story behind this and I like his lyrical melody.  I’m understanding Sting voice as a writer with each song.  I love the minimal quality of this song as well.  This might be my favorite song on this project.
Murder By Numbers – I didn’t write as I was listening to this song.  I was trying to understand the beginning and catch up with what was happening before it started to click.  First of all, what an interesting topic to write about and what an interesting way to write about it.  This could also be in a musical.  Again, I love the lyrical melodies here.  Strong concept.  Strong song.

I must say, this album didn’t grow on me the way Duran Duran did.  But it did stretch me because this isn’t a genre that I listen to by choice.  Here are the things that I love about this album.  I love the way it is mixed.  Each instrument has it’s own well-defined space and it’s sonically consistent.  It sounds clean.  I loved how I couldn’t get away from the song.  The Police put together strong material here.  Sting writes great lyrically melodic lines and jumping on his vibe would probably help my own songwriting grow.  The song structure and instrumentation is fantastic.  It’s a solid project.

But overall, it’s not a project I could vibe with.  I need groove.  I couldn’t vibe with the content either.  But I’m also not exposed to this kind of songwriting too much.  Pop music doesn’t really write like this, so in that case, I think it’s a great way to stretch my boundaries.

I would give it another listen though, for sure.  It might grow on me still…you never know!

Here is the beat.  I ran with the bassline from “Tea In The Sahara.”  I had trouble getting the bassline I played and my drums in a good groove.  This isn’t hitting the way I like it to, but I’m not sure how to go about the track.  I like the ambiance of the pads and the piano in the 2nd verse area, but I don’t like the hook.  The drums need to be four-on-the-floor instead of a swing.  I need to subdue the drums a bit more.  Aaaaaand…I need to learn guitar ASAP!!!

Anyhoo…for now, enjoy:

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