The Cyrus Cylinder

By December 12, 2013 interesting stuff

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I like to share something that interests me every so often and this month, I was fortunate to check out the Cyrus Cylinder with my moms at the Getty Villa. She’s Iranian (as is half of me, of course), and this cylinder comes from Persia when King Cyrus ruled. It came about when Cyrus took over Babylon (now Iraq) without a fight. (You know the saying “the writing is on the wall”? It comes from that story, believe it or not!) Once Cyrus took rule over Babylon, he freed all who was captive as well as allowed them to continue to worship in whatever religion they decided to worship in. Pretty epic story and this move was unheard of before or after that moment! Unfortunately, it’s not at the Getty anymore, you’ll have to go to the UK to peep it now.

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